GVLSA Message During COVID-19

To the GVLSA Members,

                On Friday March 19th, the Governor announced effective Sunday, the State is on PAUSE, which stands for Policies, Assure, Uniform, Safety and Everyone. Under the declaration, 100 percent of the workforce is being ordered to stay home or work from home, unless the business is deemed as an essential business.

                Based on conversations I’ve had with other surveyors, and information passed down from NYSAPLS, it seems as the Land Surveying profession is considered ESSENTIAL. I have attached a link below to the NYSAPLS letter written to the governor for your use. Also below is as a response a fellow member received from the Finger Lakes Empire State Development. I have also attached a link to New York State Executive Orders, as well as the CDC Guidelines for America to slow the Spread.

Dear Business Owner:

 Thank you for seeking designation as an “essential business” pursuant to the revised New York State Executive Order 202.6 with respect to your business function of land surveying.    Based on the information you have provided, that business function is already an essential business and does not require a further determination.  However, the designation as essential is solely with respect to those employees that must be present at the business location to support essential business activities. No other employees/personnel shall be permitted to work from your business’s location and any other business activities being completed at your location that are not essential are still subject to the revised Executive Order 202.6.   Please continue to comply with all other Executive Orders and recommendations from the New York State Department of Health.


NYS Executive Orders

CDC COVID-19 Guidelines


I believe that the best thing we can do is over communicate and make sure we pass along our findings within our profession as they will no doubt change and adapt as we move forward. If anyone learns of something that is beneficial to our survey community as a whole, please send it to me and I can get it out to our membership. I will be posting this information on our Facebook page, so check there for updates. In the meantime please take precautions laid out by the CDC to help slow the spread. Be safe, be healthy, and be well.

Justin M. Roloson, LS

GVLSA President

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