The Value of a Land Surveyor

There are limits to everything in life, including your property. And while the home buying process can be stressful, at times, there are key players to every transaction to help lessen the burden. You’ve likely hired a realtor and a lawyer to help facilitate the deal, but what about a land surveyor? They’re not on your team until you put them there. Do yourself a favor and request that the survey for closing be certified to the 2017 GVLSA standards.

Picture this. You’ve just purchased your dream home and you’re ready to install a fence. You can’t find your property markers, but the layout of your land leads you to believe the property lines are pretty clear. So, you put up the fence. Next thing you know, your neighbor’s at your door, with their survey map, showing you your fence extends two feet over their property line. You’ve now got to incur the cost and time of tearing down the fence and rebuilding it. Better than than an addition to your home or garage, but all this headache could have been avoided… if only you had a land surveyor on your team.

Buying a home is the most significant purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. Don’t skimp on the details. A land surveyor safeguards your property and all that lies upon it. They know what’s at stake when it comes to entitlements and limitations of your land. Use their knowledge to your benefit and put a trusted surveyor in your corner today.

The importance of Iron Pins

Your home is one of your most important assets. Maximize the value and utilization of your property by engaging a land surveyor to survey, and stake, your land with iron pins. This not only determines where your property starts and ends, but also provides clear lines when adding fences and other structures to your property, evading future issues.

Know what’s at stake and avoid the headache. Let a land surveyor lead the way.

Survey Certification

Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to your property. Be present at the time of your land survey. Ask questions. Understand exactly where your property begins and ends. Know what you can and cannot add to your land before moving forward. Knowledge is key to protecting your land and your investment.

Filing your Survey Map & Deed

It’s in your best interest to file your survey map with the deed to your property. This is validation that survey work has been performed on your land and allows for others to review it should the need arise.

Installing an HVAC system? Putting in a pool? Placing an addition on your home? The survey map will help guide the process and render itself useful to key players on your team. Save yourself the headache and file them together.

2017 Minimum Standards for a Survey Map

Protect your investment. Educate yourself on the intricacies of your property. The 2017 Minimum Standards outline exactly what you should expect when hiring a land surveyor. Accept nothing less.

Consider it a career

Did you know? Three of the four presidents on Mt. Rushmore were land surveyors. Interested in other fun facts and learning more about the profession of land surveying? Click here.